Mobile files not saving

Things I have tried

I suddenly noticed yesterday that updates to existing notes are not saving in Obsidian on my iPad Air 4 with Magic Keyboard (iOS 15.0.1 Obsidian Mobile 1.0.4). I’ve tried Cmd-S to save, as well as saving from the Ctrl-P listing, but the file time and date are not updated in Files, and Working Copy sees no changes to process, either from the text display of the file or noticing it’s changed and being ready for a fresh commit and push.

I have successfully copied and pasted my modifications to TexTastic so the changes are safe.

What I’m trying to do

I haven’t yet seen what is happening on Obsidian on my iPhone, since it’s strictly a backup device for writing. All I want to do is write and have my file reliably saved on the iPad. I thought it saved the file automatically, but now it doesn’t appear to save my changes at all, except on the screen (that is, I can see my modifications in Obsidian, but not in the file actually saved on the device.)

I’m not sure what has changed, or if I’m doing something else wrong. I have a Sync subscription but find I like GitHub much better, and my system revolves around it.

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