Mobile | Double the utility of Quick Action with a long drag action

Use case or problem

The Quick Action interaction is great for mobile, but its utility could be doubled by integrating a second option that can be triggered by the same gesture.

Proposed solution

Add another action to be triggered by the Quick Action pulldown, but only after a longer drag has occurred.

For example:
Pulldown is released top half of the screen = Quick Action 01
Pulldown is released bottom half of screen = Quick Action 02


Could be implemented in similar way as in Google Chrome, when you swipe to refresh you get another two options, so you can swipe slightly left or right to choose them, as in the screenshot.

Yes, when accessing the command pallette and the recents are equally important (and clicking on the plus icon is tedious), it’s hard to decide which should be triggered by a single Quick Action.

YES! I so agree. I love having Random Note Viewer assigned to Quick Action, but equally would LOVE to be able to also get to the Search box with more speed. A second option via long drag really would be wonderful!