Mobile App for iPhone sync with Dropbox

Hi guys!

as far as I understand the current situation, Obsidian Mobile app can only sync data via iCloud and/or its native sync service. Are there plans to sync the vault via Dropbox?

After a long time of using the free version of Dropbox I decided a month ago to upgrade to the paid version (Dropbox Plus). Now I use Dropbox as my center stage for everything I want to use on more than one device. I have my vault on Dropbox and would be happy if I could keep this as it is and not being forced to re-organize my setup.

Any thoughts on this?

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You could currently use 1Writer or Editorial, or the web app I wrote for mobile:

Source code:

I am not sure if they will add Dropbox support later, but I love Dropbox as well, and am currently working on some plugins to support Dropbox inside of the Obsidian app.


Unfortunately Dropbox cannot be used on the iOS mobile app, this a limitation of iOS. Nothing Obsidian can do to fix that. I use Dropbox for all my cloud stuff and I have still decided to go ahead and purchase sync for the following reasons:

  • In app version history and ability to rollback version history for 1 year! (much longer than dropbox)
  • End to end encryption, I trust Obsidian and their service for keeping my most personal of notes safe and private
  • The future roadmap includes other stuff like sharing and collaborative features I believe

As far as the service goes itself I have found the sync works seamlessly without any issues between all my devices (I use win 10 PC, Macbook Pro and an iPhone).

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It’s definitely possible, they would just need a custom adapter that used Dropbox’s API directly. I’m working on a plugin now to implement this.

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I was about to ask the same. Appreciate the informative responses in this thread and the one linked by @WhiteNoise, even if they add up to a bit of a bummer :slight_smile:

Hey Ryan!

Thanks for the hint with 1write, which I have already used round one year ago. I stopped using it as I faced problems with pictures in a *.md file which I could not resolve.

I see that Obsidian sync is at an early bird price now (maybe for the first year but looks expensive to me just in case I only have 10 or 20 MB of files to sync (pics, pdfs and of course md´s)

I could use iCloud but I would like to keep my setup as tiny as possible, not having several cloud connections and services running. So if there is a kind of connector ahead, I will wait for that solution instead of adding more and more services …


I built a plugin which does automated backups to Dropbox and even works on mobile!



That sounds like a solution. But can you tell a man who does never work with github, how to get your solution work in Obsidian?

Thanks mate!

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No need to mess with GitHub, just install the plugin from ‘Community Plugins’.


I would not call ‘backups’ a solution to your original problem though. I am still planning to build a Dropbox syncing plugin.


[So I’m starting to get the hang of Obsidian and am very interested in the mobile version. I do 90% of my work on my ipad, but my work computer is windows. I usually sync everything with Dropbox, and that’s where I currently have my Obsidian vault. But if I get the mobile version and use iCloud, I wouldn’t then have sync to my work computer. Is my only option to purchase Obsidian’s syncying?

This is not a limitation of iOS. There are plenty of apps that access Dropbox. One app I use, Beorg, can sync your files with iCloud, Dropbox or Box. The only reason the feature isn’t there is because the developers did not add it.


Yes I’d also love to have this feature added to Obsidian. At this point, on Mobile end, I’m just using Dropbox’s native editor to modify the .md files. It works as a plain text editor on mobile. It’s not perfect but if I need intensive writing, i’ll use my laptop.


+1 to this! i’ve used various apps that implement dropbox apis, and at least 1 that use standard ios apis to allow one to access any folder via the ios ‘files’ interface.

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1Writer works with Obsidian links and integrates with Dropbox.

It’s actually kinda garbage that there isn’t drop box sync.

Why can I not just browse to and open my markdown notes in the iOS app?