Mobile app deleting current daily note when syncing

For some reason, my mobile app on iOS is deleting my daily notes. I don’t have iCloud enabled, I’m only using Obsidian Sync. I suspect it’s caused by one of my plugins, so I’ve been uninstalling them frequently to try to solve the issue by trial and error. So far, even with most of them uninstalled, the issue still persists.

Plugins I currently use

Advanced Tables, Breadcrumbs, Buttons, Calendar, Checklist, Daily notes, Dataview, Day Planner, Dictionary, Excalidraw, File recovery, Image Uploader, Imgur Plugin, Juggl, LaTeX Environments, MetaEdit, Natural Language Dates, Note composer, Outliner, Periodic Notes, Rollover Daily Todos, Search on Internet, and Tasks.

Things I have tried

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling Obsidian on my phone - issue was solved for a few days, but is still doing it now.

  • Disabled “Open daily note on startup” (in Settings → Daily notes) from both my phone and my desktop computers - The issue still persists.

  • Deactivating some of my plugins. This is when I uninstalled it on my phone and the issue was temporarily solved. I deactivated most of them a second time and the issue still persists.

What I’m trying to do

I’m temporarily keeping Obsidian uninstalled on my phone to prevent it from deleting my notes until the issue is solved.

I notice you have Daily Notes and Periodic Notes installed. Those two could interfere with each other if you have daily notes functionality enabled in both. You only need Periodic Notes.

Thank you, I uninstalled periodic notes (since I don’t really use it), and I’ll update this post with the result shortly.

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