Mobile app crashes whenever I was trying to search something

iPhone Xs max (ios 15.4.1)
App version : 1.2.0(50)

Whenever I was trying to search something, it crashes.
I never succeeded in getting search result.

Please watch the link. In the video, I was inputting ‘kbb’ but I crashed when I input just ‘k’

Does it happen in safe mode?

I tried in safe mode, but the result is same.

Did you restart obsidian when in safe mode?

Where is your vault stored?

How many votes do you have?

Hi @WhiteNoise,
Thank you for your reply.
I did what you wrote. I turned off the safe mode and restart app,
and it worked. I can searh.
I have just one vault in the Obsidian server. (I am paying sync service)

What causes the issues? What should I do?
I am using belows but I am not actually using it. all plugins are just synced from desktop Obsidian.

  • Calendar
  • Dataview
  • Editor Syntax Highlight
  • Emoji Toolbar
  • Excalidraw
  • Find unlinked files and unresolved links
  • icon Folder
  • Icons (not activated in mobile)
  • Kaban
  • Mind Map
  • Paste URL into selection
  • Readwise Official
  • Recent Files
  • Table Extended
  • Tag Wrangler (not activated in Mobile)

You can try to enable one at a time and figure one which is causing the problem.

How manu files do you have in your vault? How many megabytes?

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The number of files are 19263.
and it is almost 4.5 GB including pdf files and image files.

It looks like you have an out of memory behaviourl.
It’s possible that a plugin alone (or obsidian and a plugin) can’t handle that many files on your device.

I agree with you, really appreciated for your help.

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