Mobile App Combine Dynalist and Obsidian

I think the design of Dynalist and Obsidian is quite a difference.

I enjoy writing on the structure-oriented interface whereas I love Obsidian link-oriented for better idea generation.

Use Case

Mostly, all my notes talking, inbox, ideas, task (sync to Google Calendar), plan all put in Dynalist. While I have an index document for keeping the summary.

Current Workflow

I love Obsidian for mining ideas. I copy the index document and paste into Obsidian with replacing all the Dynalist Link to [[connection]] and creating the empty notes.


I have to update the index document and replacing the links manually every time.

Proposed solution - Dynalist Export/ Sync to Markdown File Into Obsidian Folder

I’m not a programmer and I’m not sure it works or not.

Is it possible to allow Dynalist to export a markdown file and sync to the Obsidian folder? For the internal link ( replace it to [[link]] on Obsidian. The document title is the markdown file name.

In that case, we no need a separate Obsidian app since the app plan for viewing and capturing only.

What do you guys think about it?


This sounds like a feature request for Dynalist, not Obsidian, so you may want to put it on the Dynalist forums.

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