Mobile, Android: Keep Obsidian in memory to avoid startup lag

Use case or problem

When you switch back to Obsidian from another app, quite often you have to wait a couple of seconds while it starts up (on Android). I already disabled all battery optimizations for Obsidian.

Proposed solution

Try to avoid Android App Standby e. g. by creating an option to have a permanent notification. This would be highly useful because even just a couple of seconds startup time get annoying when it happens often. Because you often paste text from other apps into Obsidian, you have to switch very often.
Here is the relevant Android documentation.


In the meantime, you might be able to adapt this iOS workaround for the same issue: [Feature] Background sync - #33 by chrsle

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Thank you very much for the hint!

Unfortunately, this does not work on Android.

Related: [Feature] [Implementation] Alternative to Nestled Vaults to Save on RAM resources

Yeah on Android, Obsidian relaunches then and when, this should not happen. I remember, very old versions of Obsidian were very stable, older versions of Obsidian relaunched very often, the current version relaunches sometimes (1.4.3)

The main reason for relaunches is, Android kills apps sitting for too long inactive in the backround to optimize performance - battery optimization helps a bit but is not enough to my knowledge. Maybe Android kills apps more often if apps consume lots of resources if too long inactive.

Maybe this relaunch is due to some plugins updating notes in the background.
I hope not, must check this one.

I know Obsidian relaunches if we share data, eg. pictures with Obsidian from another app.


I second this issue!