[Mobile] Adding actions by long pressing app Icon

[Feature] adding quick actions by longpressing on mobile icon


[ ] iOS
[x ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.3.1

Hi all,

Taking quick notes by writing, using camera or audio is still not frictionless in my humble opinion.

Looking at other note taking apps such as

Google keep

Make it very easy to start taking notes by simply longpressing the app icon but with obsidian this is not possible (yet) See screenshots below. (sorry its in dutch but you’ll get my point)

It would be great if obsidian could create something similar and make the action configurable just as they do with the ‘swipe down’ action. Imo this really speeds up the process since the app (and plugins!) doesn’t need to load first.

I see a lot of workarounds which would be obsolete when having this feature. (but i might be missing some fundamental info why this is so diffidlcult to create with obsidian)

Any ideas / suggestions or feedback is welcome!

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iOS/iPadOS has a similar feature (I don’t use it often because I forget it exists).

Obsidian is built in a cross-platform framework, which could make it difficult (I don’t know if it does).