Mistake in Dataview query and i do not find the one

Hey there,
i checked now for a long time but i do not find the mistake…

why does this page do not show up in the query results? what is the mistake in the query? :frowning:

It sure seems like it should work as you’ve shown it, but you don’t show how you do the estimated_duration, and the usage of ... = empty is kind of strange, as you then compare the field against a non-defined field.

The most basic check for a field to be present is simply to do something like:

WHERE need_to_start AND need_to_start <= date(today)
  AND ( !responsible OR contains(responsible, "MBA") )

Have you tried restarting Obsidian (and/or Dataview) ?

Bonus tip: How to present code properly in a forum post

If you want to showcase either markdown, or code blocks, or dataview queries properly in a forum post, be sure to add one line before and one life after what you want to present with four backticks, ````. This will ensure that any other backticks (like in code blocks or queries) is properly shown.

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