Missing sidebar toggle menu buttons

Things I have tried

I searched the forum, internet search, and tool settings - not seeing similar issues or any setting I screwed up somehow.

What I’m trying to do

I did something and now I don’t have the main window menu buttons for expanding/collapsing the side bars. The toggle commands work, but even when sidebars are present still don’t see the GUI button. So when they are toggled closed, they aren’t just minimized on the sides, but completely gone.

Please help. TIA.

It’s likely u change ur theme settings that disable it. Try change back to default theme and disable all css snippet u have. if u the problem goes away, then the above hypothesis is true. else need to screenshot how it looks like


Oh my, that is it. Didn’t even occur to me a theme would or could do that. Much appreciated @efemkay !!

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