Missing Right Sidebar Button on Phone

On smartphone, the left sidebar has a dedicated menu button in the upper-left corner. However, the right sidebar has no button, and can only be accessed via swipe.

For less tech-savvy users, this essentially renders the right hand sidebar non-existent to them unless they already knew about it. Or worse, they could become confused or upset if they accidentally open it and it unexpectedly opens without them knowing it would.

I would potentially suggest either adding a button to open the right sidebar (like on tablet/desktop), or merge the contents of the right sidebar into the left sidebar on smartphones specifically. Thanks.

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long press the vertical dots.

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Didn’t even know that was a thing; I would argue that it only further validates my point: there is no visual indication that you should or could long-press the button for a secondary function.

I understand this is probably a compromise to make everything fit in the top area, but I think having no visible control for a major part of the interface is a bad idea. I’ve seen questions from people who don’t know it’s there. And I totally forgot about the long-press — probably because it’s surprising, plus swiping feels faster to me (there probably isn’t much time difference).

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