Missing indication when loading file

Steps to reproduce

Try to open file which is several thousands lines long, e.g. by clicking to search result.

Expected result

e.g. Cursor changes to “sand-clock” when hovering over pane which waits for content to be displayed.
Editor is disabled when waiting for the content to be displayed.
New filename and old content should not be displayed normally at the same time. E.g. old content could be dimmed or … whatever to avoid confusion that file named “A.md” contains # B … content of file B.

Actual result

New filename in header bar shows immediately as it should.
Main area shows content of previous note or is blank when opening is done in new pane. (In my case all panes were closed before clicking on search result.) Nothing indicates that something is going to be loaded.

This screenshot shows issue in preview mode where it happens more frequently due to rendering time.
It sometimes happens also in edit mode where the issue is dangerous because the main area contains blinking cursor suggesting that the body is empty and as a consequence can be accidentaly overwritten.
I suspect this is cause of one data-loss I discovered several days after saved modification date of one file.

Ignore the right sidebar in screenshot when debugging this. It is another unreported bug. I dragged backlinks to left sidebar to save screen-space and everything sometimes moves to the left, hiding the icon of file Explorer and showing right sidebar with text. It might be related to use of Sliding panes / Andy mode plugin. I will report this separately when I now better which situation causes it.


  • Operating system: Windows 7 on Thinkpad X220
  • Obsidian version: v0.10.8 and also earlier versions (do not remember how many, I integrated larger files into vault recently so perhaps this would happen even from the beginning)

Additional information

How big is this files exactly in megabytes?

I can’t reproduce with editor. Do you have a harddrive or SSD?
If this is problem with preview, open a feature request.
If you can show us a loss of data in the editor, open another bug report.

Here is recording 1:1 pixel and 1:1 temporal scale:

Automatic loop might be confusing. It starts with “scheduled” file open and ends with “my_new_system” open. In the middle, there is perhaps half minute time when only the header of new file is shown, loading body without any indication.
File size in this case is 438KB (so less than 1MB), 7118 lines, containing mostly saved URLs with annotations.
File has been converted from .txt file by prefixing almost every line by hyphen. Original file was structured by indentation.
Stored on Samsung 860 Evo mSata SSD 250GB with 37GB Free space.

The file you have is not big but probably hard to parse by remark.js