Minor issue on syncing new templater handled notes

I’m an excited newcomer to Obsidian (approx 5 weeks) using the tool as second brain and task manager.

What I’m trying to do

To allow me to quickly add a new task to my system I have set up Zettelkasten to automatically pull in a templater template and then set templater to trigger on new notes, so that I can just push the Zettelkasten button and it will automatically invoke and trigger the templater template prompting me for task name, category etc. Works very good, except for 1 case. I use also Obsidian sync. So if I have two devices with Obsidian open and I start a new note on one of them, the new note will sync before the templater plugin has done its job and therefore the templater prompts will fire off also on the second device :slight_smile:

So I was just wondering if there is some way to put a “flag” or something in there to indicate that processing had started. Something like:
Check if flag is set.
Only if not set yet, set it and continue the proces.
I see a challenge in that it is a flag that needs to be set pretty quickly in order to be “included” in the sync.
I’m open for completely different suggesstions. I am not very experienced in js, but want to start learning user functions in templater if needed.
Any ideas?

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