Minimizing Changes Required to Publish Through Hugo (Digital Garden + Exporting for Publish)

  1. Is there a way I can configure default front matter and structure of notes to use front matter?
    Right now I need to establish the basics like:
images: []
tags: [tech]

## Blog Header

Ideally I’d be able to minimize effort in exporting or defaulting my notes to include the desired key metadata automatically so I could easily promote a note to a blog/microblog post.

  1. If I have a shortcode referenced in my blog, any suggestion on how I could set this to render? Say a callout is: {{< admonition title="foo" type="tip"}} My content in call out{{< /admonition}}… Is there a way I can use callouts in my writing here and configure programmatically the export to use my markdown tags for export or to recognize it as a callout block in obsidian directly?
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I don’t know but I post here because I am also interesting in posting my notes through Hugo

I love HUGO, but sorry Im not sure I even understand your question to be honest.

Do you want to write simultaneously in both program and both rendering correctly? Like using shortcode using frontmatter in obsidian?

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