Minimal Theme Cards with text from note included?

Hello, I’m trying to use the Minimal theme to display a list of linked notes in card from from a dataview query, and I would like for the card to display the first few lines of text. Is there anyway to do this? I know it can display images etc., but that’s not what I need.

Using an ordinary query the only way to extract text is through either lists, tasks, or fields/properties. To access the raw text you need to switch to dataviewjs, and start reading the files on your own using various javascript functions. This do come at a cost of being slightly more expensive, as you then move on from working with cached values, to actually accessing the file system and reading stuff out of the files.

Optionally, you could try embedding the files, and doing some CSS magic to only show the first bit of the files. However, this will also read the files behind the scenes, and it might even read the entire file only to hide away the rest. And embedding of text and dataview doesn’t always play nice together, either.