Mind Maps graph notes!

If we could embed mindmaps in-between notes, it would be awesome, as notes can contain mind maps for many of us.


Hi, you could always save your mindmap as a pdf or better .png and embed it that way

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It would be nice if this API is integrated in Obsidian


the standard ways to generate mindmaps from text!!

We just released a version with Mermaid support.

Mermaid is fine, but it is nothing at all like a true mind map, which allows drag-and-drop reorganizing, ability to move nodes up and down the hierarchy, etc.

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https://markmap.js.org/ also looks pretty promising


How does this work with obsidian then? Looks awesome to me XD

As an idea, it would be a plugin that is in addition to the “Preview” functionality that allows you to view the page as a mind-map instead of a rendered MD page.


As of the 5th of December, this plug-in by @lynchjames is available: https://github.com/lynchjames/obsidian-mind-map.

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I use https://coggle.it/ to edit mindmaps, and then you can embed it in your obsidian notes, with the ‘iframes’