Mind Mapping interface

as we all enjoy the mindmap plugin that only “represent” one note as a mind map
I think it would be great if we can create and organize notes in a mind mapping interface
Something that handles only the links between notes without going deeper into the content of each note

thinking of its implementation to be fairly simple and would go like this :

  • if you add a note as a sub note to an existing one in the mind map interface it will just create a link of the sub note into the bottom of the parent one
  • if the link is already existing somewhere in the content of the parent note it would do nothing (it should appear as a sub note in the mind mapping interface in the first place )
  • if you then dragged a sub note away to another parent it will just remove it’s link and keeps it’s text for further cleaning
  • that will protect the content of each note because if we added more details in the content of each note we wouldn’t want the text to disappear leaving gaps but only removing links would be a great solution
  • maybe we can go with removing the link and the text if it has no context
  • the mind map should only represents the sub notes of the highlighted note not its parents this way we would get the normal hierarchy look of a regular mind map
  • of course some notes would appear as sub notes to multiple parents I suggest to leave these representations separate to not ruin the regular mind map look and we may mark them with a colorful mark of the same color to tell that these are the same note

this will give us the power of fast creating links and reconstructing them easily using only drag and drop

Waiting to hear your opinion of this


Interesting idea about not immediately removing text upon unlinking. You may be interested in this somewhat similar request I made: Mermaid with Obsidian capabilities. I guess it could be just as well applied to the Mindmap plugin. Not sure how feasible either are, but I am definitely with you that there is a lot of potential for experimentation.

With the easy linking capabilities that Obsidian already offers, I kind of always dreamed of it being part of the native graph view and imagine various ways to view connections, like here: Hybrid Graph View - Local Mode