Migration (potentially) from Logseq

Hi, This is Pablo here.

I am an intense Logseq user but I considering the option of migrating to Obsidian (I know combining them is possible but I do not see to much benefit).

I have two main reasons for considering this migration and a couple of questions.


  • I need a bit more structure. Trusting only in tags and queries seems to not be enough for my mind at some point, apparently.
  • Standards. I am a bit worried that there are a few features that are far away from Markdown standards and I need to heavily rely on them. That might make a further-in-time migration even more difficult. (ie: Tagging with #[[ ]], Aliases notation, Metadata notation… etc)


  • Has anyone migrated successfully from Logseq, being able to correctly translate info like #[[ ]] to some other format?

  • Any ideas on how can I translate all my metadata without going page by page? (format is → property:: value or property:: [[value]]

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