Method to keep daily prices and linked to a category note

I do a lot of estimating and receive prices daily, I will put these in a daily not with a relevant tag, (they will normally be an external file link, occasionally Email dragged links too.) So I then want the link to show on the relevant category note e.g. stone.

so this is an entry; tag, backlink, file link

#stone [[Watercourse]][Watercourse Price](file:///D%3A%5COneDrive%5CElgin%5CClient%20General%5CUrban%20Regen%5CTetrosyl%5CWatercourse%20Price.xlsx)

Things I have tried

So far I have on the daily not wrote the tag and put in the file link for say stone.

I then have the following code on my stone tab

from #stone

this works and shows me the daily note link it refers too.

What I’m trying to do

What I want is also to see more information about this entry, eg the file link and the site it refers to set as a backlink.

so I would like to see daily file, backlink note

can anyone help or point me in the right direction please?

I am no expert when it comes to Dataview, but i think you want to tag your data in a different way. #stone does not refer to a specific key-value pair, but to the whole page.

So you want to annotate data as described here.

If your format key:: [[link]][description](file-link) is consistent like that, then this is how it might work for you:

stone:: [[Watercourse]][Watercourse Price](file:///D%3A%5COneDrive%5CElgin%5CClient%20General%5CUrban%20Regen%5CTetrosyl%5CWatercourse%20Price.xlsx)

table split(stone, "(?<=]])")[0] as "Link", split(stone, "(?<=]])")[1] as "File Link"
where stone

Thanks for that, but you have totally lost me.

How would I enter the bit when you say “if your format”? do i need to type this into the note every time i get a price?

So i have a long note, I get a price and I just want to enter the details at the bottom of the note.

I was just refering to your example. In this example u have a key #stone, then a link [[Watercourse]] followed by a file link [Watercourse Price](...). I was assuming thats the format you use for price entries.

So (with the correct dataview annotation) you could have one or multiple daily notes having entries like this:

stone:: [[Some Link]][File1](file1)
stone:: [[Some Other Link]][File2](file2)
stone:: [[Another Link]][File3](file3)

or whatever.
And in your stone page you could collect all those entries like shown above.

ah thank you, i understand now.

A nitpick for clarity: [[Watercourse]] isn’t a backlink, it’s just a link; or more specifically an internal link aka a wikilink. Backlinks are links in other notes that point to the current note.

A simple non-DataView way to see more info would be to use an embedded search.


But if you want to click the links in each entry, you’ll need to click the search result first.

thanks for the advice

I think I have been doing this wrong, by trying to put the information on a daily note. Where what I need to do is create a new note for every price quotation i get. then have another note for the filtered table results.

Is that correct?

How you might best arrange things depends heavily on what you’re trying to do. Think about your end goal and work backwards from there, figuring out what you need at each step, and what would support that.

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