Metadata value by another note metadata

Hi I’m in obsidian world from few days. I’m looking to work with relations, Dataview and metadata. And have a few questions:

  1. Related metadata
    Image that we have a note A with metadata “A1” e “A2” and a note B.
    It’s possibile define metadata in B like something that:

type: [[A]] → refer to a note
value: [[A]].A1 → refere to a specific note metadata value
value2:[[]].type → refer to an another self metadata value?

1.1) print value
Based on question 1. I want print in the page:

  • type as link to note ( o better a relation link)
  • value e value 2 as string

It’s possible to get and refer to values from other files using dataview, but in general it’s not possible to define another field using a query.

There are ways around it using other plugins in addition to dataview, like templater, but it do require some coding.

In some cases it wound be better to rather define a common note with common fields, and then refer to that note as a note type definition within each file, if that make sense.

In short, no, it’s not really possible to do what I think you want to do, but then again depending on use case alternatives might exist.

You mention being able to have a common note with common fields, and then refer to that note – I would like to know how to do that.

Could you write me same example please or give me the link to documentation that explain it?

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