Metadata Preview in V 1.4.4

I just updated to v1.4.4 and found the new metadata “property” search feature is a great addition.

I have been using the Dataview plugin for some time, but with in-line properties on many of my notes. (e.g. Class:: Technical)

The new Properties viewer at the top of each note does not pick up these inline properties, but the search tool does.

I’m not sure if this is a bug, or if the intent is no longer to permit the use of inline properties.

Maybe someone who knows would comment on this, as I would rather not edit all my notes to change from inline properties to the more standard way inside the front matter:

Class: Technical (in the front matter)

rather than

Class:: Technical (anywhere in the document)

The new UI only work in the YAML/frontmatter. there is no support for in-line properties.

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