Metadata Menu - Table View Filter Help

What I’m trying to do

Using Metadata Menu, I have setup a fileClass called Resource.

The Resource class has a field called “Project” which accepts a link to a single file. This lets me link Resource notes to Project notes.

I need to create a sort of dynamic Metadata Menu Table View such that:

The table only displays files which contain a link in the Project field that matches the current file.

I know this Table View will likely not work from within a non-embedded Table View–I want to embed it in my Project Template so that each Project will get a table of linked resources.

Things I have tried

The Custom Filter Function in mdm specifies ‘value’ is a variable containing the value of the given field and ‘current’ is the current page ( for use in embedded codeblocks.

I have tried using custom filters like:

return current.title == value

return == value

return (“[[” + current.title + “]]”) == value


Nothing seems to work and admittedly I am not very good at dataview or javascript.

I figured it out with the following:

return (value !== null && value.path ===