Metadata menu: cannot get autoupdate working on formula


recently I started using the Metadata Menu plugin - quite interesting and if I get it to run, this can be a great tool for securing data quality when it comes to frontmatter.

However, I have a problem, of which certainly I just don’t see the mistake I am making:

What I’m trying to do

In the definition of a class I have defined three fields, two of them being numbers, one of them being a formula - looks as follows:


the field totalCalc is simply defined:

I want the field totalCalcbeing automatically updated based on current.calc1 + current.calc2.

However, I cannot get the formula field totalCalcto autoupdate - whether in the frontmatter of a note:


nor in the body of a note:


Also, when I view the table-view of the class definition file, I cannot see any update of the totalCalcfield:

Things I have tried

  • read the metadata Menu Git pages
  • watched the related demo videos
  • searched this forum
  • searched internet
  • tried different examples

Any advice would be great, thanks!

I have meanwhile done some testing:

  • it must have to do with the current vault - I generated a new one and it worked
  • step by step I have added/activated all css snippets, templates and plugins into the new vault, which are in the existing one
  • after every change I made a test with metadata menu and a formula field

The new vault works completely with formula in metadata menu, with all plugins, templates and other additions.

So it must be the existing vaults, but have added all plugins., snippets, and templates - I am sort of helpless

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