Metadata Menu and "Accept a Link" Field Type

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to work out how to get Metadata Menu to not wrap values returned with “[[]]” as it has broken a dataview query that I use.

Things I have tried

I have Metadata Menu setup so that it returns a list of #people from my vault. This field is called Name and I use it in my meeting templates when I have a 1on1 with somebody. Then, in each person file, I have a dataview query which shows me a list of “Type = 1on1 and Name =”. It’s worked perfectly well while I was typing the people’s names, but since having discvoered how awesome MM is, I thought I’d use that instead.

The issue is that MM puts this value in my files as “[[Joe User]]” (including the "). This has then ‘broken’ the dataview query in each file, in that it no longer returns any of the recent 1on1s I have had with people. Obviously, any 1on1s where I had typed the person’s name still work fine.

Is there a way to remove the “[[ ]]” from MM, or is there a way to structure a dataview query so that these will be included as well?

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