Meta - Suggestion: create a "Publish" category

Hope this is the right place to ask, but it would be much easier for users (me…) to find discussion about the Obsidian Publish service, as it’s int its early stages and (possibly) at the very beginning of its potentiality.

So: is it possible to create it (as for “Help”, “Announcements”, “Bug Report” etc.)?


Hey @Hileotech, have you tried filtering for the publish tag? Not necessarily an answer to your specific question, but it might help in the meantime.

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Hi, @argentum ! Thanks for the hint.
I just suggested to make a new section because I really think Publish is underrated in its potentialities, and many of us who bought the service have questions with answers scattered here and there in the Forum.
No problem to me if it’s not possible or wanted, of course: just a small suggestion and nothing more :blush:

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For sure! Adding a new category is up to the devs, I’m just adding some info to help in the meantime.

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