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Visualization Plugins mentioned in this Thread

  1. Tag Heat Map, where all your tags are posted on each axis, so it will show you which tag combinations show up the most in your notes.
  2. Clustered Network Graph for showing topic clusters (blog post on topic in general)
  3. Note Breadcrumbs
  4. Mind map plugin for tree file explorer
  5. Link Maps post and github page
  6. Juggl is an plugin extension for graph view

Feel free also to start new discussions for plugin ideas and post a link to them here and I will update a master list at the top here



Sounds cool, what do you mean by “tags are posted on each axis”? Trying to visualize…

Data Viz Catalogue - Heat Map so instead of town and year, it would just be a list of all your tags duplicated. Say you see a block that is red, then you can hover your mouse over it and it will tell you what two tags and how many times they show up together.

That’s pretty nifty! I forgot from discord, are you a developer at all?

I’m not, I do want to learn Python at some point for Data Visualization. Not sure what I’d have to learn for creating plugins.

Regarding the Clustered Network Graph, I think we could get much more insight from a graph view, if we could manipulate the graph view ourselves based on adding keywords to our files. Filtering based on tags would be one idea.

Graph view plugin suggestion

Different way to visualize breadcrumbs and connections. One is to just display the breadcrumbs simply put Note Breadcrumbs

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Is the #2 link correct? @lizardmenfromspace

Does Juggl count?

@antonioserna yes and no. It was a like to a visualization example from a company named Quid. But it looks like they got bought out or merged with another company, so the link I had redirects to the new company website, which is complete garbage.

I updated it to the closest thing that I could find to the old website, but still not a great example. If you scroll to the bottom of that page, you’ll see their " Dynamic Visualizations Tool", which is what I’m referring to.

@antonioserna If you want an explanation of what I’m getting at, here is a blog post I found on the topic.