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Totally fair. I’m an engineer myself and I understand that there are other issues that come into play. I am honestly not read up on this thread or any of the other conversations regarding this.

I just kinda want to give them my money. lol

I am still pretty new to Obsidian and if I keep using it, I’ll bite the bullet and do the $100/yr plan. But, I’m still not 100% sold on the software for my needs. However if It were $5/mo or ~$50ish a year, I would have already bit that bullet regardless of not being 100% sold on it yet.

I am trending that way though. Maybe I’ll just do the $25 thing. Even though I would like some native syncing. I’m not a big fan of the syncing app I am using on Android.

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Which Syncing App are you using on Android? I’m currently using SyncThing on (1 NAS,) 1 Windows and 2 Android devices and it works okay. On Android I use MacroDroid to automatically start SyncThing when I start Obsidian (maybe I will post this configuration to this forum). But in the future I want to use Git and hope, that this will feel more “native” inside Obsidian.

Hey Eleanor,

I have a question you might be able to help me out with. Me and my business partner want to use sync for our various notes and to dos. But we were wondering if it is possible for 2 people to work within the same vault on 2 diffrent devices at the same time? And if such is possible, does sync will update my inputs onto my partners laptop in real time?

This would be crucial for our purchase descision and if you could help us I would really appreciate. Thank you so much!


Linking here, might be worth be including in the index


updated, thanks for the tip

Hi @EleanorKonik , this post is to inform you that the link Obsidian Mobile - Obsidian Help leads into “failure 404 file not found”.

Edit: I note that the former Obsidian mobile file has been devided into Android and IOS. Both are linked at Sync your notes across devices - Obsidian Help


What is your setup for gdrive if I may ask?

I use Resilio Sync (File Sync Software - Sync Home | Resilio Sync) to sync folders (and files) between my different computers. Works flawlessly, but isn’t possible to implement on mobile devices.

On a related note, for those using mobile devices, don’t forget that you can have custom settings for each device if you’d like. Just copy the original “.obsidian” file, rename it and choose it in the Settings:


Hi, I’m currently making a Syncthing integration. The plugin is not fully completed yet but have basic features. If you would like to give it a try and make some feedbacks, I’ll be happy to hear from you !
Here is the link to the GH repo : Syncthing integration for Obsidian


This would be so genious. I’m sure it’ll make a lot of iOS users happy, since obsidian is very restricted there!


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On a slightly related note, I jumped from Windows → Linux as my daily drivers.

I used google-drive-ocaml to mount Google Drive which was passable but I started getting disconnects mid-session which would freeze my desktop for minutes on end and so I decided to pivot to syncthings this morning.

It’s too early to tell whether or not I will have any large issues, but the biggest benefit easily is that the integration with a local environment has drastically sped up Obsidian. I was assuming that some separate issues I were facing were just the price of using Linux instead of Windows… It’s only now that I realize that the slow responsiveness to the more taxing activities (launching the app, pasting pictures, populating templates w/ text) were all due to a subpar connection to a vault. The app is lightening fast now.

Definitely something to keep in mind for fellow KDE/Debian/Linux users.

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I started with Obsidian in Mac recently and was very pleased to say the least.

I was bummed though, how bad the iCloud Sync to iPhone works.

It takes minutes, almost every time I start Obsidian on iOS to sync everything. Most often it seems to just have hung up completely.

I am still a bit clueless as how to resolve this. I’d like to have my files on my Mac permanently available. On iOS I need to check some files from time to time. Should I use one of the community plugins to sync?

Please start a new Help thread for your question. Thanks!

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That link has moved to


Thanks! I updated the post.


Hey y’all,
I thought this might be also interesting in here:

I recommend GitHub - vrtmrz/obsidian-livesync

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The Nextcloud Notes on Android is pretty good, but the IOS version is really barebones, so that solution is not as good on IOS.

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