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@lizardmenfromspace, should I post my suggestion here or create a new post about it and link to this post.

I really think that is a great ideia to aggregate all hotkeys in one place.

Create your own post then paste a link to said post as a comment to this one.

Got It!

This my post about a switching Panels:


Hotkey for turning Pin on/off:

Hotkey for navigating notes:

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Styling shortcuts
(select text and hit shortcut to apply text styling)

bold (CMD + B)
italic (CMD + I)
url (CMD + K)
==highlight== ( no shortcut )
>code ( no shortcut )
$math$ ( no shortcut )

Would it be possible to get keyboard commands for the missing ones? Or is there a way to write new macros? CMD + SHIFT + H for highlight or something?


Typora has cmd-K for link, option-` for code, option-command-C for code block and command-option-B for math block (Mac).

I really need this keyboard shortcuts too. Mainly for ==highlight==

  1. Moving selected text up/downwards.
  2. Un/Collapse the blocks (lists, headings etc )
  3. Many VSCode ones :slight_smile:

It should be implemented as VSCode way cmd+1, cmd+2 etc.

i would love to be able to jump to the previous day’s note and the next days note from any given days note

Another styling/formatting shortcut:

  • convert selection to ordered and unordered list
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lots of show-hide or ‘go to’ commands are needed. Toggle left-sidebar/right-sidebar is useful, but more specific commands are needed for

  • go to backlinks
  • go to tags

It seems like the items in the left sidebar have this, but right do not.

edit: also missing “go to file explorer”.


You can do duct tape together a highlight shortcut with Keyboard Maestro:

%CurrentClipboard% is just a variable for the clipboard, so inserting ==%CurrentClipboard%== is just pasting whatever you just copied… but with the =='s added to each side.

According to a discussion here I can probably remove the pause, actually.

edit: obviously, this doesn’t remove the highlight, but you could probably actually cobble that together with keyboard maestro too with an if/then search for the ==s within the selection or on each side of the selection. If there, remove them.

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Not sure if this has been mentioned already - but cotemaxime from Discord mentioned that I should post as a feature request here. There should be a shortcut hotkey customization for creating a link, currently it is bound to Cmd+K but would like to use that hotkey for a diff. functionality.

@lizardmenfromspace Add

Given that Maestro is MacOS only, I created a shortcut with Autohotkey:

Just create a new script with the following:

; Markdown Highlight

	Send, ==^v==

; Syntax
; ^ = CTRL
; ! = ALT
; + = SHIFT
; # = WIN
; :: = run when pressed keys together

Works without delays even for large selections of text, only issue is that to revert styling you have to hit CTRL+Z thrice as the script can’t apply the styling in one action (instead pastes “==”, then the selected text, then “==” again).


Hotkey to enable/disable Custom CSS plugin.

The latest changes have broken a lot of custom CSS, especially as it relates to Pane movement. My current work around is to disable custom CSS, place panes, re-enable custom CSS. A hotkey would make this more convenient now, but also in the future as changes are likely to break more custom CSS.

I strongly endorse this! I’m trying to reduce my mouse use for health reasons, and moving from pane to pane would be a huge help.
I suggest CMD-ALT-LEFTArrow and CMD-ALT-RIGHTArrow, but of course the key binding can be customized by the user anyway. All we need is the keyboard shortcut to cycle through the panes.

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