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If you post a graph view related feature request, feel free to post a link to it in this thread and I will add it to the above list


Hi, I post a feature request about graph view, and the link is

Render graph view so that nodes of notes in same folder are closer


Here’s one about searching for specific files in graph view! Graph view + search

What is useful of Graph view ?

Copy and Upload your brain into the digital haven, and digital Haven is just another yet Plato’s Cave. the same as Lakeview in the ( TV series ) what to do .

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I found these two related posts:

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@Abdulsalam if you make comments with page embeds and no text, it doesn’t tag me. Meaning I got no notification you commented in this thread. Only noticed because of @VoltaireNoir post sent me a notification. Just letting you know for future reference!

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Huh, sorry! Thanks :blush:

Well, please, add this one too:

Here’s another for the list

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all active ones for that matter, as i always have more than one window open

IMHO, for searching purposes it would be better to properly equip each mentioned request by optional tag “graph-view” than to maintain this long list where many items are already reclassified to feature archive.

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Annealing for better Graph View? - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum