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al dente theme

al dente light theme


Theme: Dark Arts v1.01 (Dark Mode Only)


The list at the top of this page is not up-to-date.

Theme: Blue Topaz


“Obsidian Dark Pie Graphite”

Theme: “Obsidian Dark Pie Graphite”

Not exactly a new theme, just an adaptation of three great themes in one.


Obsidianite Theme

Tested on version: 0.9.6
Last Updated: Oct 31, 2020






Spectrum Theme

Changelogs and Feedback can be found here.


Theme “Space” (dark only)


Graphite Coast theme

With WYSIWYM editor, inspired by Red Graphite and California Coast themes, with a bunch of other snippets discovered on this forum (and credited).


Light Edit

Light Preview

Dark Edit

Dark Preview


Monotone Earthling theme

a minimalist theme for your notes


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“GitHub style” theme (only dark)

Edit mode

Preview mode


Ebbsian theme - my personal take on Obsidian.

Currently light mode only, style settings compatible. Comes with fun callout boxes!

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I love Obsidian a lot. Obsidian default theme is good. But, I want to change my test. There are a lot of obsidian community theme out there. I tested some of them. I found not all of them are good to go for me. Here are some Obsidian theme I used. Those themes are good for me and all lawyers like me.

Hi all, I created a base16 theme template for Obsidian. The theme template basically enables 131 Base16 themes, by use of CSS snippets. Feedback is welcome!


Thank you for all of your work on this. It looks interesting, can’t wait to give it a go. Is it possible to tweak a theme?

Yes, it is possible. If you have a theme installed in your vault, open the .obsidian folder, go to the themes folder, and there should be a css file named after that theme. Open the css file and tweak whatever you want, then save the file and the changes should show in your vault as long as you have that theme active.

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@Salamander23 : with all due respect for your far and away superior CSS knowledge than mine, and agreeing that a theme’s CSS file can be modified, I don’t think any modifications should be made in it, contrary to what you said to @Cajun.

The reason is that if the theme gets updated, all those modification will be lost as the updated theme’s CSS file overwrites the previous (= modified) one.

The best way to make changes to a them is to use snippets, as they are not affected by theme updates. Furthermore, they override the theme’s CSS.

My apologies if I sound pedantic, I don’t mean to be.


You are absolutely right. I was too quick to reply there. Sorry @Cajun. In my hopes to point you to where you may find the theme’s css to have a place to start, I was too rushed. And no, @Klaas, you don’t sound pedantic at all. You raised a very legitimate concern.

However, it is still reasonable to proceed with tweaking the css file directly, as long as you take some precautions:

  1. Write down the name of the template you chose (to make sure you don’t forget it while doing the following steps).
  2. Change the file name of the original template’s css to a new, custom name.
  3. Re-install the original template’s css file back into the templates folder.
  4. Select your new custom-named template from Obsidian’s options window.
  • Note: The list of templates in Obsidian’s options window automatically updates to include the newly named template.
  1. Feel free to make changes to your custom-named css file, while also having the original css file as reference.

CSS Snippets are another equally valid, if not better, approach. I personally use a mix of directly tweaking a template css file and using CSS snippets. I especially use CSS snippets when I’m introducing new functionality that wasn’t present in the original template.

Also @Klaas, my CSS knowledge is actually not very extensive. I’m a product of the internet haha. I still consider myself a beginner, just one that sometimes puts a decent amount of time into tweaking things. I also make frequent use of Ctrl + Shift + I to open obsidian’s developer tools to see what things can be changed and how.


Everforest Theme (Light/Dark)

Everforest theme for Obsidian. It supports both light and dark modes.

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