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This post combines multiple individual posts which all have to do with fonts.

1. Make it possible to have font files in the vault instead of needing to install them on the system.
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2. Zoom should only affect the size of the page (so that only the font is affected) and not of the other elements like sidebars.
3. Font size should be adjustable in the settings and not only with CSS.


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Need the ability to resize the view when reading and creating notes. I have Obsidian installed on a 15" laptop, but I also connect it to large widescreen monitors (which is what I’m doing now). I dind that I cannot control the size of the text and/or viewing pane. would love to have this feature


You can use the shortcuts to zoom:
Ctrl + (zoom in)
Ctrl - (zoom out)
Ctrl 0 (that’s a zero) (resets to 100%)


That zooms the entire interface though not just the text size of the editor.

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Ok, yeah this is better than it was, but as someone mentioned, it changes the size for everything. Again, better than not being able to, lol.

While having a separately configurable editor font size would sure be nice, I would argue that having the whole interface zoomable is much more important.

I’ve lost count of the number of apps where I could make the editor font bigger, e.g. 15-16pt, but the rest of the interface stays at 11pt and makes me having to squint when reading it on a 27’’ screen.

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The problem with full zoom over just the text zoom is that the backlink and the file explorer tabs also become thicker and then eat your working space.

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It’s nice, but having both would be nice as well. Or maybe even changing the text on the editor changes the text on the menu as well. This isn’t a must have, but would be very nice.

You can enable Custom CSS plugin and create the file obsidian.css in your vault root directory and copy CSS from this gist there.

You can easily adjust the font sizes for your needs by changing variables at the top of that CSS.

Note: I extracted this CSS from Dracula theme.


Note to self: learn CSS :slight_smile:

Has anyone had any luck with these? Crtl + (zoom in) still works. Crtl - (zoom out) does not on my computer, crtl 0 also does not do anything on my computer. I have to close and restart to reset zoom. There is no way to set these via the hotkeys settings currently.

Try Ctrl+shift+- to zoom out

Obsidian really needs font settings. Here is another request about it:

Do it as it is in Stroll:



Software that is based on such a great idea of backlinks should not turn off users just because from the start they need to learn css and a lot of shortcuts just to do such a basic operation as font change or bolding some text.

Besides now font size in editor is different form font size in preview


It really needs to be addressed by developers not by users.

I don’t want to be rude but it is really note taking app, not “learn css” app.


unfortunately, this does not do anything

Is there a way to optionally disable this by some CSS or plugin? (for each sidebar separately)
Then we could just customize font size relative to UI by CSS snippet and issue would be solved since we usually zoom in order to make text readable, including UI.
What are other issues?

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Use case or problem

I cannot zoom into a note or change the font size, which means I cannot read the notes.

Proposed solution

Be able of zooming into a note, or changing the size.

Current workaround (optional)

Change the operating system resolution or font. Or tweak the CSS of the theme. (how?)

Related feature requests (optional)

Can you please open a #bug-reports with the template about being able to zoom in? The font as you know can be changed through css.

The software font is relatively large, I hope to have the function of adjusting the font size and line height


I think it’s pretty simple to do by enabling the custom CSS option in settings. But for that to be useful for normal users, we need some really clear documentation with examples on how to do some of these basic preference adjustments. For example, I think general font size looks something like this.

/* normal text other than headings and code */
  font-size: 12px;

*Disclaimer: I don’t know CSS

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