MermaidJS Class Diagrams have the wrong CSS applied to it

Steps to reproduce

Create a MermaidJS Class Diagram in Obsidian, for example like that:

	class Patient{
		-String name
		-Date waitingSince
		-InsuranceInfo insuranceInfo
		+Patient(name: String)
		+getName() String
		+getWaitingTime() Date
		+getInsuranceInfo() InsuranceInfo
	class PQContent{
		-int priority
		+setPriority(priority: int)
		+getPriority() int
	PQContent<|--Patient : Inheritance

Expected result

The Diagram should be legible in both Color Schemes.

Actual result

You will see that the Class Diagrams background Color i dark in light Mode and light in Dark Mode.


  • Operating system: Arch Linux and Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: v0.10.7 (same as installer Version)

Additional information

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