Mermaid not creating backlinks

What the note looks like rendered:

Markdown code:

date updated: β€˜2021-04-16T13:17:02+02:00’

:computer_mouse: Interactive System

= computational system that allows users to interact in real time

graph TD 
0["System's quality"] --> A["πŸ”§ Utility"]
0["System's quality"] --> B["🀲 Usability"]
0["System's quality"] --> C["πŸ’œ Likeability"]

class A internal-link;
class B internal-link;
class C internal-link;

However, all linked notes (Utility, Usability, Likeability) have no backlinks when I click on them:
CleanShot 2021-04-16 at 14.37.58@2x

How can I fix this without cluttering my note with extra links outside of the mermaid code block? Can I make invisible links? Or is there a ways to make Mermaid links also appear as backlinks?

There should be a FR for this. IF there isn’t one, open it.