Mermaid diagrams (scale difference)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Mermaid pie chart in older version (example Obsidian version 0.8.5)
  2. Open same Mermaid pie chart in current version of Obsidian 0.9.9

Expected result

To see same charts.

Actual result

Pie charts in Obsidian 0.9.9 are huge.
Something have happend with scale of Marmaid class?


  • Operating system: Mac OS
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.9
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Not a bug, we changed scaling because some charts were too small.

So you are considering this normal?

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This is normal view, not zoomed. The diagram are giantic! And unreadable.
In previous version I can fit almost 4 diagrams in window. Now I cannot fit 2 of those diagrams… sorry but this is bug.

I don’t know how to resize them, or if it was implemented yet. But being able to set the size would be the ideal solution. They were way too small before, depending on your screen I suppose.

They were perfect before :smiley: Now they are literally useless. Let’s wait for option to change the size…

@WhiteNoise Please what is the solution for resizing?

So why you don’t set the scale that was originally there?
Just look on picture I posted before, the graphs are gigantic covering all the note… what is the point of changing default scale when there is no solution to scale it down… :thinking: :frowning:

Now majority is huge… you have fixed some graphs, but you kill other graphs… and you provide no solution :exploding_head:

It is so difficult to put mermaid into one extra class and scale that class?