Mermaid click directive works in flowcharts but not graphs

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Steps to reproduce

Put this in a note.

graph LR
click E "obsidian://open?vault=Personal&file=testfile"

Expected result

Clicking the “E” node will go to “testfile” in the given vault.

Actual result

Nothing happens.


  • Operating system: Windows/Mac/Android
  • Obsidian version: latest on each (as of today)

Additional information

It does work with flowcharts, just not graphs. The following will work:

flowchart LR
click E "obsidian://open?vault=Personal&file=testfile"

This also worked previously, but seems to be broken in a newer version of obsidian.

which one?

You have this problem:

If you are tring to link to a file in the same vault, why don’t you use internal links?!?!

EDIT I just saw your help post. I understand