Merge notes and update backlinks

Yes, I encounter the X now because the devs are protecting me from overwriting content because they haven’t written code yet to do a smart merge. What you suggest is what I had in mind: concatenate the content, and update all the backlinks. It’s the backlink updating that is the tricky / [time consuming] part to do manually.

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@symme7ry I’m running into this issue now that I’m consolidating my notes from different places into Obsidian. Have you found a good work around?

This is a must-have feature for me, because of one specific use case – linking unlinked references for terms which are aliases of the page name.

Let’s say you have a massive database of notes, including the contents of articles you’ve clipped. You have a page about AI and you want to link it to all other notes that are roughly related to AI, including mentions of “artificial intelligence”, ML, singularity, and so on.

Well merging provides you with an extremely efficient way to link these unlinked references which are not currently matching your title:

  • Create new notes for all of the terms you want to match
  • Link all the unlinked references you want to ultimately transform into a backlink to AI
  • Rename your notes to merge them with the AI note and bring the backlinks with you

This is how it works in Roam and I assumed it would work this way for Obsidian too.

Where Obsidian could bring it’s own magic to this flow is by automatically creating alias links. e.g. when merging Machine Learning and AI, don’t rename [[Machine Learning]] to [[AI]], rename it to [[AI|Machine Learning]]. This way Obsidian would have an edge over Roam in that it would be able to preserve the original context.


This a great idea.


I would soooo love this!


Aim: Merge (“B” + “A”) → "A"
Assumtion: “Automatically update internal links” is turned ON.


  1. Add content from “A” (copy or cut) into “B” (paste). (You have control over the order of merged content parts.)
  2. Delete “A”. (links to “A” will be dead temporarily)
  3. Rename “B” to “A”. (Now links to “B” are updated and original links to “A” are resurected.)

Not sure if +1 is a thing in this forum, or you should just like the initial post, but I was about to create a merge feature request. Thought someone would want it already.

My case is when I elaborate my thoughts and I end up with more notes actually describing the same phenomenon but with different words, but already there’s a bunch of links in and out of both, I want to merge them to one, edit the text and have all the links pointing to this new merge and out of it.

Same when I find out I’m writing about something I’ve wrote already in the past, but, again, links in both.

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It would be useful in many cases to merge two notes, and have the links to those notes merged as well.

(Or should this be a feature request? Honestly, I am often confused about what should be a plugin and what should be a feature…)


Would love this!


Came here to submit the same thing as a feature request!

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Also the opposite, split notes.


Adding a +1 to this.

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I think there is a need for a pack of operations. Like merging, splitting, extracting link lists and etc.

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Definitely agree! For a little while, I thought that I could do this by just renaming a note the name of another note, knowing that both were empty of content within, thinking that all links were to a note with that name, so the system wouldn’t even know it was merging.

Unfortunately, I made a mess of many links, so here I am. It is amazing how much damage can be done to a network in a short period of time when not careful and making assumptions. Obviously, totally my fault.

Really hope this plugin comes around. Thanks in advance.


I’ve been looking into this and found some posts on concatenating markdown files with pandoc. Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite get it to work! The main issue seems to be that some flavours of markdown use SeText headers while others use ATX style headers… so results always came out with forward slashes inserted between hashtags, messing up all of my headings!

This is what I used to combine all markdown files in a directory:

pandoc *.md -o

Then I tried:

pandoc *.md --atx-headers -o

But I couldn’t quite figure out how to employ the space_in_atx_header extension so I’ve given up for the time being!

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definitely, sometimes i have to split subtitles from my notes to keep it simple and clear

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+1 by me too!

This feature would be very useful particularly for students which like me create a new note for every lecture and would like to print all the notes for a subject by combining them in a single file.

Furthermore, it would be awesome for writers, too, to be able to combine several chapters in the same book.

Thanks a lot for suggesting this, @Luhmann!

solution/workaround: (for merge only)

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My dream feature: select multiple notes and merge them into one.

Reference models: Scrivener, Ulysses, Evernote.

Extremely useful in the final stage of writing, when I combine “atomic” notes into the final paper.

I’m aware of Merge two documents and update backlinks
but in my case I think about merging multiple notes from a side panel.




Can you say more about your use case? I take it transclusions aren’t a solution because you want to edit the merged product?

Combining into a final paper sounds like you want to copy, rather than move, the content of multiple notes into a combined note, and then edit the new note into a final form. Is that right? As opposed to permanently merging the atomic notes together so they are no longer atomic?