Merge multiple notes considering note structure

I have 1 template for daily journal which include headers like: Todo, Done, Ideas, …

I would like to merge previous journals to today journal while retaining the same structure. I mean I would like Todo sections to merge together and Done sections merge together, and so on.

Is there a way to accomplish this?

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That would need some javascript coding, as you will need to read the various files, extract what’s under a given header, and then join up the various sections as you go through your files. Are you really sure you want to do this?

On a tangential note, I’m doing something similar but I use custom checklists to denote those various areas of tasks (in various states), and ideas, and other groups that peaks my interest somehow. This allows me then to use queries (which can link back to the definition) to gather any checklist item of a given type (or given set).

If you actually accomplish what you’re suggesting, any tasks defined in any of you daily journals will be duplicated each time you merge them together. And such a merge also kind of violates a principle related to keeping the original note intact, and allow other to build upon that, instead of keep modifying them later on.

Like Pumba (in Lion King) says it: “You got to put your past behind you”. Let earlier daily notes be just that, earlier/past daily notes. If you keep merging them together, it’ll get unwieldy at some point. Using a query to gather up or summarise various stuff, would be a better approach.

I thought for all the Obsidian 700+ plugins, we should have one that can do that…

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