Menu option to copy "obsidian:" link to the clipboard

Now that it’s possibile to use links like obsidian://vault/... from external programs, it would be helpful if Obsidian provided a way to create such links automatically for the current note or a note in the file explorer using the context menu. The complete link should be stored in the clipboard, so that you can paste it in the external program. It would probably make sense to provide that “Copy obsidian link” entry in all menus that have the “Open in default app” entry.


YES! Awesome idea, @Cito :point_up: +1

Are there any optional parameters for the URL?


  • &mode= edit|preview|outline|graph
  • &cursor=integer
  • &selection=integer, integer



+1 to this, I’m on v0.8.15 and was expecting to copy obsidian:// url scheme on the file explorer or the editor. or maybe add a keyboard shortcut for this feature.


+1 - I came here to suggest this and was happy to find it already suggested. Also +1 for the keyboard shortcut!

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I would add to this that having a hotkey for copying the URI would be great.


Is there a keyboard shortcut to copy link to a note (Link: obsidian://vault/xxxx) ? I would like to use it in conjunction with Things 3 app or some other app. , where project plan or reference material is in obsidian and tasks for this is tracked in the Things 3 apps.

At the moment for a given note we can find it’s path: “Copy file to path”
It would be nice to have the similar option, but generating full URI for a given note, taking into account encoding special characters.

Sample result:

See also:


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I’m new here, specifically to enter feedback on this so a +1 for me here as well.

+1 for the OP’s suggestion. Would appreciate a menu option to copy the obsidian://-link to the current note into the clipboard. Happy user - Love your app!

As usual, a snippet of code which brings “Copy note URL” action into the command pallete

Tested on Windows 10.


Where do I need to put such functions? And why am I unaware that Obsidian functionality can be extended in such ways? :thinking:


Thanks for the explanations. I forgot that Obsidian is an Electron app so you can run scripts any time in the console. Is there a way to run such scripts automatically on start? Though of course you’re right with your warning here.

You can search here and there about Volcano but I would advise to wait a little bit. I believe testing API will be rolled out soon.


I’d also love to see this feature added. Looking forward to the implementation down the line.

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+1 to this. With the addition of block references, it is really getting complicated to reference (for my use, in a mermaid graph) without having this option.

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It’s probably worth linking to a related forum post: Expand ‘copy file path’ with format options - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum

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Implemented for current pane in 0.9.7


Not only that, a new search action is now available for such URIs, e.g. obsidian://search?vault=my%20vault&query=MOC

And an alpha version of the plugin API is also available (see the talk about Volcano above).

So this thread can now be moved to the feature archive. :smile: