Mention that the `.obsidian/config` file is obsoleted but not deleted

The latest release indents the json configuration files on save, which is quite an appreciable improvement, since it allows a vault’s configuration to be properly versioned.

Unfortunately the main .obsidian/config file didn’t benefit from this improvement. Taking care of this file would be much appreciated.

Thanks !

After rereading the changelog, I understand that the .obsidian/config was obsoleted in v0.12.8, but it was not removed. Is this correct ? Is there any reason to keep it ?

If so, my first comment can be ignored, but it might be worth mentioning it in the documentation.

Cheers !

Why was this report buried without any comment ?

Like I said, the .obsidian/config was obsoleted without being removed, which is confusing and undocumented.

My suggestion is to at least document that the file is not removed despite being obsolete.