Meeting template for future date (I use Periodic plugin for daily notes etc)

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Hi Guys,

I had a quick look to see if there was something on the forums that could help, but couldn’t find anything in my search (feel free to link if this isn’t the case).

What I’m trying to do is set up a template or more likely “quick add” macro that prompts me to input the date for the upcoming meeting so it’s tied to that date. At the moment I create a meeting on the day of meeting and the date and file name is created based off that day, not sure how to add an extra prompt or code in template to ask which date this note would be for?

So my quick add “appointment” prompts “add value” this is where I would put the account code for example “204345” and the template does it’s magic and my document is titled for eg. 2022-06-13 - meeting - 204345. Would love to be able to plan for future appointments with another date promotion or something similar. Hope this makes sense.

Any help appreciated.

One option: You can configure a QuickAdd “capture” to ask you more than one prompt. Here’s an example I have set-up for quickly adding a task in a format that works with the obsidian-tasks plugin - the following is all in the “capture format” at the bottom of the QuickAdd screen, but since I use variable names I could have e.g. used the same values in the file name as well.

- [ ] Todo: {{VALUE:taskName}} {{VALUE:⏫,🔼,🔽, }} 📅 {{VDATE:dueDate, YYYY-MM-DD}}

Notes: If you don’t have the Natural Language Dates plugin, you probably need DATE instead of VDATE. The variable names “dueDate” and “taskName” are also what show up on the prompt boxes above the blank to fill in. My third prompt-box doesn’t have a title but instead has the fixed set of options with the up & down arrow emojis (or blank) so I know what I’m doing there.

Another option: I believe the community plugin “Templater” (not the built-in Templates) also has functions for prompting the user, but I haven’t used them directly yet because QuickAdd has been convenient.

Does that help?

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