Meeting notes and agenda


I have some questions about organizing meeting notes and so on. I’m attending a lot of different kinds of meetings some work related, political stuff, organizations and so on.

Some of them send out nice agendaes and documents to read before hand and I want to read the documents take notes before the meeting. And then there is the actual meeting.

I was wondering about having one note for the actual meeting and there link to a different note for each thing on the agenda. and on that page, I could link to the documents and take notes on what I should say or something. With tags and some metadata, I want to link this to previous things from earlier meetings or even maybe information from a meeting in a different setting but same subject or something.

So, does someone know about any examples of templates or something for such a setup?

Is there a plugin/script or something I can use for say making automatic links of each line on the agenda or something like that?

I’m unsure if anyone understands what I’m trying to explain here, but thanks for the help…