Meeting note update yaml field - QuickAdd, Templater

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So I am trying to create a template for meetings.

  1. The template is:
type: meeting
date: {{VDATE:date, YYYY-MM-DD}}
status: ongoing
const dv =["dataview"].api;
let projects = dv.pages("#project").file.sort(n =>;
let suggestions =;
let values =;

project:: <%await tp.system.suggester(suggestions,values)%>
persons:: {{VALUE: Ana Silva, Maria Carmen Ascensio}}

# {{VDATE:date, YYYY-MM-DD}}-{{VALUE:🖧 Add meeting}}

# Summary

# Notes

I would like to have the following format for the title of the meeting note: date_of_the_metting-meeting-notename but quick add does not let me do that when putting {{VDATE:date, YYYY-MM-DD}} in the file format (see image below):

In a project page, I would like to show all the mettings using dataview. On top of that i would like to sort them by status. This status for instance something with the values like ongoing and completed I would like that when the current day is bigger than date of the meeting the status metadata updates to completed.
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Lots of pieces here! Thanks for including all the pictures and details.

  1. You can ignore the QuickAdd warning about “invalid date”, I think. The warning is a bit wrong. It says “I do not see a date” and your answer is “of course you do not, I will be prompting for it”.
  2. However, I am not sure that the rest of your title formatting is doing what you want. If you want the date of the meeting to have underscores rather than dash, you will need to change the format string to “YYYY_MM_DD”. Maybe that was just for writing in the forum though. When you get the prompt for " Add Meeting" do you plan to type “meeting-notename” yourself, or just “notename”? If the second one, you need to put the “meeting-” before the {{VALUE: bit in the file name.
  3. In your template, the “status: ongoing” line is currently not going to get printed to the file because it is inside a Javascript execution templater block. Take a look at the first part of the “Examples” section for setting a value differently depending on a condition. However, this will only set the status at the time that you created the file. See 5.
  4. Your first heading with the file title should be able to use <% tp.file.title %> rather than asking again. That way if you change your filename format, things will not get confused.
  5. Showing all the meetings for a project using dataview should be possible. You can calculate inside the dataview a comparison of the date field in the meeting file with the current date. If you start working on that and have trouble, please share what query you have so far and what is not behaving.
  6. However, actually updating the metadata field in the file over time is much more complicated than changing what math you use inside a dataview query. You might want to look into MetaEdit, written by the author of QuickAdd, or one of the similar metadata-updating community plugins. I think there have been some new ones recently.

Good luck! Let me know if I can clarify anything more, or if you encounter other obstacles.

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