MediaWiki format for links [[Link Text|nameofwikipage]]

Use case or problem

Wikilinks in github have a [[Link Text|nameofwikipage]] syntax. In obsidian, it is the other way around. I have cloned a github wiki inside the vault and I want to edit it from here. It would be nice to have a concise link style between github and obsidian.

Proposed solution

Setting where the type can be changed. Maybe also where folders can be selected for each link type.


Use the same Words in the linktext and the name of the wikipage, like [[Home | Home]]. So the link can be used in both cases. the downside is that you can not rename the link.

I ran across the same issue. Is this likely to be implemented?

I can see why it is the way it is in obsidian, the autocompleter stops after the pipe character, so you can type the link alias w/o obsidian trying to guess.

Would it be possible to solve this with a git hook script that runs on the files being committed? Usually not so many, so It should be fast.

This will not be implemented in core. moved to plugins ideas.

I might have been too quick on this one. @g1ronn1mo, have you looked at the Obsidian Pandoc Plugin? It can export Pandoc Markdown, which may be close to what you need. I have not used it, but will look in to it.