Mdnotes : add today's date in note template export?

What I’m trying to do

I want to have today’s date in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD_ddd

This is an excerpt of my current mdnotes template:

### Metadata
status:: #status/
collapse: true
- {{author}}
- {{url}}

- {{collections}}

And this is an example of an export (it adds date of publication and the date on which i added it to zotero)

### Metadata
status:: #status/
collapse: true
* Item Type: [[Article]]
- Authors:: [[@Laura F. Bringmann]], [[Nathalie Vissers]], [[Marieke Wichers]], [[Nicole Geschwind]], [[Peter Kuppens]], [[Frenk Peeters]], [[Denny Borsboom]], [[Francis Tuerlinckx]]
* Date: [[4 avr. 2013]]
* Date Added: [[2018-12-07]]
- [](
DOI:: [10/f4sxst](
Cite key:: Bringmann(2013)NetworkApproachPsychopathology

- Collections:: [[mlvar - gvAR]], [[Graphical VAR gvar network analysis mlvar]], [[ESM experience sampling method]], [[Network analysis]]

Is there a way to automatically add today’s date as a placeholder when exporting notes from zotero into a .md file with mdnotes?

Just found this by chance, sorry for the delay and the bad news, that’s not currently supported.

No worries, thank you for answering! Hopefully, you will be able to integrate that in a future release if you have the time. - but even without it, mdnotes is an amazing tool, thank you for creating it.

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