Maybe I don't understand the Edit setting for Line Wrap

I have Line Wrap enabled, which generally works except in the context of a markdown table. This has been touched on here:

It’s in the bug graveyard but I have the same problem on 0.10.1. Specifically:

Text | internal link | external link

will not wrap. I have a bunch of these external links and it’s giving me motion sickness seeing the whole screen shifting left and right when I’m trying to edit them. The added annoyance is that when moving the cursor horizontally to find an edit point, it doesn’t pan the screen until it’s about 3 characters from the edge of the window, so it’s hard to see what’s coming up. I have to “overscan” the line to see more of the line on both sides of the cursor. (A nicer behavior would be to keep the cursor in the middle area, and only let it go all the way to the left/right when scrolling hits beginning/end of line.) The panning/cursor issue wouldn’t be a big deal to me if I could just enable the wrapping.

So the questions: Am I doing something wrong? What does the above-referenced bug being in the bug graveyard mean? Is this not considered an error? Reading more of that bug dialogue led me to believe that the Obsidian team thought this was fixed (not wrapping tables) back in 0.8.x. So I don’t know if I’m dealing with:

  • “Normal” behavior (Ugh)
  • A bug but a different one
  • A regression
  • None of the above

Edit: typo