May I install Obsidian in my company computer?

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to figure out whether I can install Obsidian and use it in my company computer. Can I use it as a person version freely and take notes for my own purpose (to memorize something, to record my ideas). The content will not be related with the company. Is it legal? Can I install Obsidian?

Things I have tried

I have read the terms of use. But it didn’t give me the answer.

Your IT or someone on the legal team would probably say no.

I tell my teams never to put any data that they can’t lose on their work computer. An employer could give you a new laptop and take your old one and only restore what they backed up.

I’d recommend paper and transfer it later, or the mobile app and sync it later.

“Your IT or someone on the legal team would probably say no.” Correct!! But they are not worried about the data lose. They worried that this would be a commercial use and obsidian company may sue him if his employee use it.

OK, thanks, Andbenn, I take your advice and use paper firstly…

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