Maximum Obsidian alignment with Google Drive?

Go on then, what are the possible synergies with Google Drive?

I’m a long-time Google Drive user, nibbling at Obsidian because I like the theoretical idea of the open file format. Still, the reality is I have many years’ work in Google Drive.


Can a vault be set up in Google Drive? How would this work?

I am currently using iCloud Drive syncing, because editing across iOS and Mac is important to me. That works okay, though I don’t know of a way to do that with Google Drive (although the iOS Files app has a kind of Google Drive drive integration at the base level, albeit unreliable).


If I put a .md file in Google Drive, I notice Drive doesn’t want to open it in Docs; instead, it suggests third-party web apps like StackEdit, ShiftEdit and Text Editor. Even so, I guess if I was able to open a Markdown file in Google Docs, it would ruin it anyway.

I sometimes think about something like creating a symbolic link between my Google Drive and iCloud Drive areas. But I don’t think this would survive/work when you factor in iOS.

Can anyone help me think about how to align Google Drive and Obsidian?

Like most rich text word processors, Docs doesn’t work with the .md extension (afaik). There’s a tickbox to enable it to interpret very simple markdown in normal documents (eg headings, bold etc). You can save/export files as .txt. My guess is that if you change a .md file extension to .txt, then Docs will read it and interpret any very simple markdown correctly.

There is a Docs to Markdown extension that will export a Docs file to markdown. It isn’t perfect, but is now open source. Other add-ons exist that I’ve never tested.

iOS in particular restricts the usability of cloud drives with Obsidian. Drive can work with Obsidian (so long as you ensure files are kept locally), but this doesn’t work with iOS.

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