Maximized window can be resized (not supposed to)

Steps to reproduce

  • Open the help vault
  • Maximize window
  • Click bottom edge of the window

Expected result

Nothing to happen since the window is maximized

Actual result

The window is unmaximized, becomes taller in height and overlaps the taskbar


  • Operating system: Windows 11 21H2

Additional information

Screen recording (489.3 KB)

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This will be fixed in 0.14.5. You will need to download and reinstall obsidian from the website.

There doesn’t seem to be any difference in the version 0.14.5.

did you download and reinstall from the website?

Yes. I uninstalled Obsidian, downloaded v0.14.5 from the website and reinstalled, but it has the same behavior.

The same issue happens for VS Code for me, so this is definately an Electron bug. I wonder why the issue still exists with the new Electron version.

maybe they haven’t fixed it yet.

Hi all - I’m running v0.14.6 and this still doesn’t seem to be fixed (Windows 11 21H2).

If you set your taskbar to auto-hide, this also results in the Obsidian window “blocking” taskbar from popping up when you hover over it at the bottom of the screen.


What’s your installer version?

I’m on app version v0.14.6 and installer version v0.13.31

download and reinstall obsdian.

Thanks - that seems to have done the trick! I’m not own installer version v0.14.6. What’s the difference between “Current Version” and “Installer Version”?

the underlining framework we use (electron)