Mass delete (and other actions) by tag

Things I have tried

The only command I can find is to delete the current file.

What I’m trying to do

Find an efficient way to delete files/notes that contain a particular tag. Any other tips for working with large amounts of notes at a time would be great. I recently imported my Bear archive of about 4000 notes.

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I have not tried this exact technique before, but if you don’t mind going one folder at a time, you could try the following method on Windows:

  • Make sure you already have indexing options set to index .md files, which is not the default
  • Open chosen folder
  • Search for the tag
  • Make sure the number of results matches how many you expect based on a search in Obsidian
  • Select all files in the Windows Explorer search results and copy them
  • Create a new folder and paste the copied files within
  • Select all files in the new folder and copy them
  • Paste the files into the original directory in your vault replacing existing (this automatically will highlight them)
  • Delete the files
  • Delete the folder created to temporarily store copied files

I am sure there is probably a much better way, but in the meantime I hope this helps.


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