Mass Add notes from list of un-created-note links

Is there a macro-type plugin to Mass Add notes from list of un-created-note links.

The idea is that I want to create for example 20 notes with these 20 titles, so I create the un-created-note links within a note that will be a kind of mini MoC, and then I want to highlight the list of 20 bracketed titles and trigger the creation of those 20 notes with those 20 titles.

If its just a few, CTRL-Clicking is fine, but for a long list, this becomes difficult.

You would think Note Refactor would do this split into notes from a list, and it does for headings, but not for a list of dead internal links.

Quick-Add seems like it could maybe do this with a macro, but I played around with it and its not straight forward how to get it to cycle down through a list.

I’ve thoroughly researched this in the forum and although there are several similar threads, no one has a solution. However, there does appear to be something on the Roadmap for version 12.4. Unclear if its the solution to this exact use case. That might be a month or two away.

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